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Assertio Therapeutics, Inc. (ASRT) is a specialty pharmaceutical company which engages in the development and commercialization, of pharmaceutical products to treat pain and other central nervous system conditions in the United States. Its brands include Gralise, Zipsor, Cambia, NUCYNTA ER and NUCYNTA.

The Chairman of the Board, the Chairman of the Nominating Committee, the Chief Executive Officer and the full Board have committed to expanding the Board of Directors, currently consisting of seven members. The mission of the Board is to support Assertio’s three-pillar strategy of maintaining a strong NUCYNTA franchise,  growing the neurology franchise and building a portfolio of specialty/orphan drugs.

Assertio’s mission is to restore lives by advancing patient care and to do so with relentless responsibility.  Assertio is firmly committed to conducting its business consistent with all applicable laws, rules and regulations- and with the highest standards of business ethics.

The company was founded by John W. Shell on August 7, 1995 and is headquartered in Lake Forest, IL.

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  • Act with the highest integrity to adhere first and foremost to the mission of Assertio
  • Monitor and seek continuous improvement in the quality of care and services by advancing investment, financial planning, and administrative solutions
  • Set and support the strategic vision of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive
  • Provide the governance framework for management to make effective business, and financial decisions concerning the management of the Company
  • Establish and maintain financial reporting and disclosure policies consistent with the highest standards of ethics, law, and compliance
  • Operate as the controlling shareholder of a world class, publicly traded company in high-growth mode
  • Assist and execute Assertio’s commitment to diversity and inclusion


Qualifications & Experience

  • This opportunity is for an individual who will enhance the current Board’s expertise in a variety of skill sets, including, but not limited to pharmaceutical operations, financial management, risk management, investment management, strategic development, corporate governance, and have a mission-driven focus.
  • Operational experience in the pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare or wellness verticals is a must.
  • Candidates should have a minimum of 20 years of experience in a complex organization(s) and be a Senior Executive of a respected public or private company. A successful candidate could also be a recently retired Senior Executive who has continued to stay actively engaged in corporate activities.
  • Well-qualified candidates should possess proven leadership skills, the ability to work effectively with a variety of constituencies, and the ability to provide strategic insights to Board colleagues and senior executives.
  • Candidates should have well-rounded experience in corporate governance and strategy, oversight, operations, and/or risk management.
  • Candidates must have excellent strategic vision and solid experience at the most senior levels of a complex corporation or organization.
  • Candidates should bring strong professional and ethical standards, a collegial attitude, and a broad business perspective.
  • Willingness to devote sufficient time to carrying out Board duties and responsibilities effectively, and committed to serving on the Board for an extended period of time
  • Candidates must be willing to devote sufficient time for carrying out Board duties and responsibilities effectively. Members who sit on the Board must be prepared to attend regular Board and Committee meetings and to spend several hours each month on committee calls, correspondence and other issues in months when there is no formal Board meeting.

Personal Characteristics

  • The highest level of personal integrity and ethics
  • Courage of conviction for their positions
  • Able to communicate clearly with candor and assurance
  • Forward thinking and a strategic approach tempered by pragmatism and operational strength;
  • Intellectual agility, flexibility, and transparency and a collaborative, team approach
  • Innovator–someone who can drive change through the introduction of new ideas, while respecting colleagues and the existing culture
  • A positive approach to problem solving
  • Able to set direction, align the financial function across the organization, and allocate resources according to strategic priorities
  • Able to make informed well-considered decisions in complex situations and at a rapid pace
  • A commitment to accountability for him/herself and those with whom he/she works
  • Exceptional strategic skills–someone who thinks about the business first and carefully relates the business strategy to the financial strategy
  • Forward thinking and a strategic approach tempered by pragmatism and operational strength
  • High energy–the ability to roll-up his/her sleeves to get the job done




Our client and Buffkin / Baker firmly support the principle and philosophy of equal opportunity for all individuals, regardless of age, race, gender, creed, national origin, disability, veteran status of any other protected category pursuant to applicable federal, state or local law


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