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Digital Reasoning is a leader in cognitive computing. They build software that understands human communication – in many languages, across many domains, and at an enormous scale.

Digital Reasoning was founded on the conviction that machine learning would be transformative and empowering to people in new ways to make a positive difference for humanity. Their products support Government, Financial and Healthcare institutions by providing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing solutions to generate deep insights from data to address concealed relationships, risks, and opportunities to integrate with and augment existing processes, while accumulating intelligence that accelerates organizational transformation.

Digital Reasoning is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, with offices in Washington, D.C., New York and London. Founded by Tim Estes and Dot Currey in 2001, their vision was to software that learns, now call cognitive computing.

What began as a vision has flourished into a team of wonderfully talented, diverse and dedicated people who have made this transformative technology a reality. The Digital Reasoning team members (called Reasoners) can today measure their success not only in the progress of the technology they have built, but in the truly meaningful benefits it has brought to millions of people’s lives.

The company’s key verticals (Financial, Government & Healthcare) utilize Digital Reasoning’s products including Customer Insights, Conduct Surveillance, Spotlight, and its Oncology Care Management platform to solve complex problems ranging from supporting Intelligence Operations, addressing Human Trafficking, Customer and Consumer insights and behaviors, to identification, management and care coordination of cancer patients.

This opportunity is for the Senior Director/Vice President of the Healthcare Solutions vertical


• Award-winning Leader in AI, NLP computing
• Founded in 2001
• 180 employees
• Venture/Investor-backed with last round ($30M) in March ‘18

Digital Reasoning’s Healthcare Solution:

High-quality cancer care is a labor-intensive process involving oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, nurse navigators, patient care coordinators, and registrars. Across the clinical workflow, Digital Reasoning’s AI-enabled software augments the care team by invisibly assisting with the repetitive and routine tasks behind-the-scenes.

Today, 162 hospitals across the country use Digital Reasoning’s oncology care management software to raise the standard of care by:

  • Deployment of deep analytics on unstructured data to prompt effective and efficient actions throughout the care path proved an ROI across the “triple aim” of patient experience, clinical quality, and the cost-of-care
  • Enhancing the speed of time to contact patients
  • Reducing the average time-to-treatment by weeks
  • Allowing for the discovery, navigation and treatment/retention of new cancer patients via machine processing of pathology and radiology reports
  • Increasing oncology volumes and maximize capacity
  • Improving nurse navigator and care team productivity
  • Reducing the time clinicians spend on documentation, EMR and computer work
  • Keeping patients in network and improving physician-patient relationships
  • Enhancing patient experience and improving patient loyalty

The Position:
Digital Reasoning is looking for a Vice President of Healthcare Solutions. The Vice President will be responsible for the healthcare data-driven vertical, overall strategic and operational leadership, including management of current business and future growth, sales and marketing initiatives, staff oversight and leadership, product development and financial performance. The position will plan, implement and manage programs to establish repeatable processes to accelerate revenue growth and to execute market growth strategies that differentiate the Healthcare Vertical within the company brand.

The Vice President will take an active role in product direction, go-to-market strategies, sales support, account management and other market facing roles in order to drive revenue. He/she will work with the CEO, Senior Leadership and the board to set long term, annual and quarterly goals and work with the team to reach those goals. This role will report to the CEO. The Vice President will be instrumental in leading and further developing the company’s Healthcare vision, strategy, and business plan.



  • Proven experience managing and scaling a Product-focused business/division as a Senior Leader with P&L ownership and product ”Go-to-Market” experience
  • 10-15+ years of proven experience in the Healthcare/IT space with a sound understanding of Provider Systems, particularly the Top 100 Health Systems in the US
  • Previous experience as a leader in an early-stage venture funded/institutionally-backed high growth company
  • Proven financial acumen; ability to understand financials (budgeting and forecasting) and create strategies to increase margin and drive efficiencies
  • Strong communication and leadership skills to drive change that is needed to take the Healthcare Vertical to the next level
  • Prior experience in creating new ideas and executing on a market strategy to leverage trends with technology products and solutions
  • Proven focus on execution – priorities, timelines and processes; knows how to identify roles and responsibilities necessary to support strategic objectives
  • Proven experience as a strategic thinker having established successful sales and marketing programs to drive growth across lines of business
  • Prior experience in external/client facing roles (sales, strategy, consulting, etc.) with a proven ability to create credibility with clients, partners, investors and other leaders
  • Track record as “roll up your sleeves, get it done” tactical leader; outstanding organizational skills, strong multitasking skills with the ability to prioritize and take initiative in a competitive, emerging growth environment
  • Proven success in building high-performing teams, including leading as a mentor, creating satisfied and engaged members in a collegial, collaborative work environment
  • Thorough understanding of operations; ability to work with Senior Leadership, Development, Sales, and other teams to create operational metrics to drive scalable efficiencies
  • Demonstrated ability in managing the flow of information and communications within a growing business to overcome barriers caused by organization size and job specialization
  • A strong ability to set direction and create measurable objectives, delegate responsibility, and review performance to ensure compatibility with the company’s strategic direction
  • An exceptional listener with a strong sense of self and the ability to make decisions after receiving often divergent input
  • Bachelor’s degree required, advanced degree preferred



  • Responsible for leading and managing the Digital Reasoning’s healthcare vision, strategy and business planning to enhance/build upon the Healthcare business, establish a leading position in the target market, and enable compelling year over year bookings and ARR growth
  • Responsible for creating and driving scaling initiatives needed to accelerate the growth of the Healthcare Vertical and the company
  • Work with the CEO, Board and the management team to set the overall strategic plan for the Healthcare Vertical and establish long and short-term goals
  • Establish credibility throughout the Senior Leadership, board and organization as an effective leader and developer of solutions to business challenges
  • Set clear, prioritized, measurable, time-bound goals and deliverables for the Healthcare Vertical; review and report on quantitative progress towards those goals
  • Set and execute strategy for growth across the current and future solutions working with sales/account management and other external, market facing roles
  • Effectively communicate a compelling point of view, build trust among management, customers, and team members; take decisive action and develop an organizational framework to support the company’s strategy, optimize workflow, and improve communication
  • With management, create budgets and forecast and ensure that expenditures of the Healthcare Vertical are within the authorized annual budget of the Company
  • Work with finance and the CEO to provide timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial reports and financial trends in order to assist the CEO and other company leaders in performing their responsibilities
  • Lead organization in preservation of company’s purpose, culture, and core values
  • Recruit, develop and retain top talent
  • Ensure that the CEO, Senior Leadership and other stakeholders are properly informed, and that sufficient information is provided to enable appropriate judgments



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