LYNN UNIVERSITY-Dean, The Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn College of Communications and Design

                                                                                                 The College
The Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn College of Communication and Design is an innovative, forward-looking, state-of-the-art
education institution which provides a broad array of exceptional study programs geared to prepare students to work effectively in today’s communications arenas. The College offers concentrations in traditional print, radio, and television journalism, public relations, coupled with specialized students in ground-breaking digital media, including digital arts, social media, film production, graphic design, web design, and visual effects. The Lynn College of Communication and Design is developing a cutting-edge curriculum that marries these traditional communications disciplines with established and emerging digital arts vehicles.

More flexible and adaptive than many of its peers, the College strives to quickly respond to fundamental changes in the
professional communications arenas in which its students seek to work.
The College is designed to provide outstanding educational opportunities for students focused on careers in journalism,
screenwriting, advertising, public relations, digital designer, photojournalist, or director. It also serves students in the
performance arts including acting, singing, dancing, and those who aspire to be on-camera reporters.

Regardless of the student’s chosen career, the College provides cutting-edge education, forecasting trends in technology
designed to provide its graduates in all communications disciplines with skills and knowledge that their peers have not
yet mastered.
The College offers a variety of courses in multimedia design, multimedia journalism, visual art and design, web design
technology, media studies and practice, computer animation, and visual effects animation.

The College offers professional and academic programs in communication that provide hands-on, “learn by doing”
educational opportunities. With a collaborative approach to preparing students for their professional roles, the College
enables students to participate in integrated learning projects that simulate professional challenges and promote transition to
professional positions.

Most recently the College added several programs in animation, design, and media which allow students to study computer animation, graphic and web design, visual effects animation, and web design and technology. The College offers state-of-the-art digital facilities, including broadcast and cinema production and post-production centers as well as digital art and design labs with 3D printing, motion
capture animation and virtual reality studios. With current A.A., A.S., B.A., B.S., BFA, M.S., and MFA programs, the College is nimble and responsive to the ever-changing marketplace and is able to attract traditional and nontraditional learners who seek career-building or graduate school preparation.

The Position

The Dean of the Lynn College of Communication and Design is the principal academic and strategic leader of the College.  Reporting to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Dean of the College provides visionary leadership in a vibrant and dynamic environment, overseeing a community that is collaborative, engaged, and inclusive.

This person must be an active and effective brand builder,working to develop programs which differentiate the College and the University as a major, cutting edge educational environment and communications training ground. Creative and strategic, he/she must successfully marry traditional communications vehicles and skills, with emerging technologies and communications tools. The Dean plays the crucial role in creating and sustaining a vision for programs in communication and digital media and design. The successful candidate will work to strengthen existing partnerships both internally and externally and will capitalize on the College’s strengths to build new opportunities across programs.

He/she is adept at combining innovative, creative ideas into strong programs that prepare students for professional success. The Dean will build upon current institutional momentum and achievements in enrollment growth, retention, graduation, program development, and community engagement.

The Dean reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. He/she will oversee a budget of approximately $4M and leads a faculty of twenty-six and a staff of five and demonstrate the ability to mentor and advise students. Those reporting directly to the Dean includes an Associate Dean; an Assistant Dean; and Academic Program Coordinators and Chairs as required.

The Person

& Experience

The successful candidate must possess:
• An advanced degree from an accredited college or university in one or more of the disciplinary areas of the College of Communication and Design and equivalent professional experience
• Technical experience in a related experience is preferred
• Experience as an academic administrator at the level of director, assistant/associate dean, or dean
• Experience working with academic budgets and revenue sources
• Demonstrated ability in consensus building, strategic planning, and implementation of related initiatives.
• Demonstrated understanding of the artistic, cultural, and intellectual forces that are re-shaping communication and design in the 21st century
• Dedicated to preparing students for a rapidly changing world with current knowledge of trends, challenges, and opportunities in the fields of digital media and mass communication
• The Dean will have a firm understanding of digital platforms and their implications for the future of communications, design and journalism and will manage the technological needs of the school in response to these changes
• The Dean will ensure that the school is keeping pace with technological changes and convergences in the industry and will be in the continual process to reach across both traditional academic groups and the commercial digital media space

• Demonstrated ability to effectively coordinate program review and develop cutting-edge curriculum
• This person will have a broad working knowledge of the communications industry with a laser focus on the digital media space embracing both traditional disciplines and new technologies for the future of communications and design
• Ability to coordinate college assessment activities to ensure they are productive and effective
• Understanding of branding and marketing and how to employ those skills to advance and build the reputation of an academic institution in the region and nationally
• Exceptional communications skills and demonstrated ability to effectively communicate vision, ideas and plans, orally and in writing
• Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion

Preferred Qualifications

• Demonstrated ability to effectively lead a diverse team of faculty, artists, and professional staff in a dynamic and increasingly complex environment
• Demonstrated ability to mentor and advise students
• Experience working in a commercial environment as well as in media is highly preferred
• Demonstrated (or ability to demonstrate) appreciation for and support of a range of visual artistic expression, from the traditional to the highly technological
• Demonstrated creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
• Experience creating innovative partnerships and initiatives to enhance the visibility of the College and the University

• Ability to effectively supervise faculty, evaluate performance and be a supportive mentor who encourages and advances professional development
• Ability to create a stable, open, and diverse work environment


The next Dean of Lynn University’s College of Communications and Design is results-oriented and decisive. He/she is an exceptional relationship builder. A strong leader, the successful candidate also enjoys working with and contributing to a diverse executive team. This person is highly motivated. He/she is a visionary who is in touch with emerging trends in communications, technology and design.
This person is flexible, outgoing, and open-minded—someone who thrives in a rapidly changing environment where creativity and innovation are highly valued. He/she values collaboration and the lively exchange of ideas.

The successful candidate understands the academic environment and is comfortable working within it but is also keenly aware of the communications culture and environment into which the College’s students will graduate and works to impart that knowledge through college programming. Outgoing and collaborative, the successful candidate works effectively with people at all levels of an organization. He/she is open to the ideas of others and works enthusiastically to advance both the College and the University. A talented manager and supervisor, he/she is a strong mentor who enjoys helping others build their careers.  At ease working with a variety of personalities and skills, he/she is both comfortable and effective leading a group of highly individualistic and creative people.

Applicants should submit a cover letter and a curriculum vitae.  Nominations, applications, and inquiries of interest may be sent in confidence to the university’s executive search firm:

Nat Sutton, Partner, Head of Non Profit Practice

Kimberly Melcer, Senior Associate

420 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY  10170