The Five Fundamental Questions Candidates Raise About Board Opportunities

Written by Anna S on September 27, 2019

The Five Fundamental Questions Candidates Raise About Board Opportunities, Written by: Ted Jadick & Nat Sutton

Over the years, Boards have become more closely scrutinized and many have worked to be more transparent.  As a result, discussions of the issues and concerns surrounding governance appear regularly in global business media and are hot topics when business professionals gather. Over years of speaking with board candidates, I’ve found the same questions consistently arise as executives consider corporate and nonprofit board opportunities.

Those five consistent questions are:

  • How will service on this board contribute to my professional growth?
  • How will my experience and business skills add value to this Board?
  • How effectively do the CEO and the management team communicate, make decisions, and interact?
  • What is the chemistry like among the Board members?
  • What is the Board’s strategic mission and how would I relate and contribute to it?